Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Capture Nature in Murals

Murals and Poem by Abe V Rotor


Row of Trees and Pond
Author poses with his work, Forest Stream

Capture nature in murals,
as big as screen;

capture creation from imagination

as it has been;

capture sunrise and sunset,

and the moonbeam;

capture the breeze passing over

a lovely stream;

capture the lilies in the pond rising

with the sunbeam;

capture the clouds becoming nimbus

before the rain;

capture the rivulets from the hills

writhing in pain;

capture the creatures talking,

sing and scream;

capture the essence of the gods

into a theme;

capture silence away from where

you have been;

capture the throb of the heart

away from sin;

capture the world in a grain of sand,

pure and crystalline;

capture nature through the arts,
classic and fine;

capture sweet memories of lost nature,
relive, enshrine;

capture time, brief as it may -

it's yours and mine. ~

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