Saturday, October 3, 2015

Take a Break with Nature

Dr Abe V Rotor

Siesta on a tree hammock, UST Manila

The hammock does not rock
and sway in cantabile',
yet takes you to the clouds,
and your troubles away.

 Aerial tubers of Dioscorea sp make a crown - and a clown. Don Antonio Heights 2, QC 

What do you know - 
roots growing tubers in the air
from a frail vine
instead from a large tree!
I wouldn't ask why
if this is indeed divine.   
 Flowers of macopa (Eugenia jambalana), TechnoHub, QC

From flowers meek and dull
to red, red fruits after,
transition beyond the eye
to trace and compare.

Forest diorama on Mt Makiling, UPLB, Laguna

A forest in a forest in replica,
reminder of man's folly;
when diorama is all that's left,
and only archives to stay.    

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