Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sketch your way to catharsis through self-analysis

Self-administered relaxation through drawing
Dr Abe V Rotor

Here is a simple way to free you from the clutches of stress and tension. Recharge with this simple method, instead of taking medicine or using paraphernalia for relaxation.

1. Get a piece of bond paper and a pen, preferably with a felt tip.
2. Find a comfortable place with chair and table.
3. Avoid disturbance, prefer to be alone.
4. Start with the model you think it's easier to do.
5. In either model, start at the center and proceed outward.
6. Do not copy, these are just patterns.
7. Draw spontaneously at your own normal pace.
8. Detach your thoughts from anything. You are in the clouds, so to speak.
9. As you relax, your drawing may go off course. That's good.
10. You don't have to complete your drawing. Give way to more relaxation - and to sleep.
Model A - Flow, let it flow
Model B - Build a labyrinth  
This exercise will help you fight boredom. The ultimate proof that it is effective is that, it induces you to sleep and attain good rest. Why, you can compile your drawings into a workbook and share it to others!

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