Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sketch your way to catharsis through self-analysis

Dr Abe V Rotor

Here are four cases as basis for self-analysis.  List down your experiences, fears, joy, contentment, and the like, under each case, accordingly. Do it in a state of reflection. 

At the end weigh the positive as against the negative points. How did you fare? This exercise helps you appreciate life, lessens its burden, and releases you from pent-up thoughts and emotions.     
 Case 1 - During the recent eruption of Mayon many people visited the area to watch the natural spectacle.  Yet it was death and loss of property that it brought. Yet people wanted to go there, and many came from all corners of the globe. Would you? 
 Case 2 - Landslide on Santa Fe mountain. Many vehicles and passengers were stranded on the mountain pass at Nueva Viscaya, the only land route between Central Luzon and Cagayan Valley. It took almost a week to clear the debris. If you were there...what would you do? 
Case 3 - Mt Pulag, Benguet.  Strange beauty meets the city bred climbers. Gnarled trees, hanging mosses, rugged trail, damp air, yet placid lake and tranquil ambiance, soothing to tired muscles and nerves. If the wild is beautiful, then what is really beauty?  What is beauty to you?

 Case 4 - Landscape on the lower slope of Mt Arayat. Agrarian life is preserved from the leaps and bounds of progress.  Call it tradition, but simple people are contented and happy.  Simple living is nature-friendly.  It is economics in EC Schumacher's "Small in beautiful."  Do you agree? 

You may download this article for more space for your answers. You may also add, enlarge, and color the drawings to express your creativity.      

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