Thursday, July 2, 2015

Photographs that convey joy and lesson

Dr Abe V Rotor 

1. The biggest tainga ng daga (rat's ear) mushroom, one for the Book of Guinness    
2. Bamboo xylophone sounds mellow and natural
3. Coconut midrib broom for environment crusaders on wheels
4, Re-inventing the wheel by kids to protect the environment 
5. Mudflat of a dying estero is a dangerous playground
6. Coconut frond for Palm Sunday palaspas contribtes to thinning of coconut trees.
7, There's no bathtub happier and fuller than this earthen version in the province.
8. Too many cartoons make a fantasy world for kids and adults - and reality a dream.
9. Global warming demonstration before museum guests and students
10. Mask of annonymity may be reversed to ward off the "tiger in the forest." 
11. A sea of humanity swept by faith and hope - a social barometer
12. Robot-like fish (parrot fish) is a popular marine aquiarium pet.
13. Pabitin (a trellis of goodies) - life of games and celebrations - is back,
 but in malls and fast foods
14. Tunnel of time and tradition. Pahiyas in Lucban Quezon
15. Young musicians - indeed they are today
16. Biggest janitor fish looks like the submarine in Jules Verne's fiction novel, 
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
17. Stage's on Fire, artist HR Ocampo's obra maestra, PICC Pasay MM
18. Where to? (Quo vadis?) - inquiry to the future of man in a highly industrialized society.
19. Singing with heart's content a dirge for a dying environment
20. Kin and clan make a family - Filipino version 

21. Modern day peddler of traditional products
22. Listening to the sea in the city

23. Twin falls in Patapat Cagayan - a perfect background for tourists and environmentalists.

24. Playing with saints and angels in a shrine, Our Lady of Manaoag Pangasinan.
25. Lady teachers play the loves me, loves me not game in a Calatagan resort.
26. Most prolific tree - nangka, even its roots bear fruits. Agoo, La Union
27. Lady Butterfly.  Butterfly garden in Bohol

28. Bugsy's expression is all but want for food.  
29. Headless doll on a pay parking sign exudes surrealism.
 30. Love birds perch for food and company. ~

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