Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fishing Village: Where Thoughts and Ideas Converge

Pastel drawing by Usec Mario Relampagos, Department of Budget, a scene on a bridge overlooking a fishing village.  Catbalogan, Eastern Samar 1986.
Poem by Dr Abe V Rotor

Fishing Village in Catbalogan, a gift to the author by Budget Usec Mario Relampagos, a co-worker in SIRDP (Samar Integrated Rural Development Project). 
Thoughts flow down the sea, 
     or anchored on the shore,
at one time or another;
     life's like the fishers' chore.
Ideas soar up high into the sky,
     beyond thought and sea crest,
neither by the sun's rise and set, 
     nor a good night's rest. 

If thoughts were drawn by hand
     from a bridge to far away 
dare to leave land and out to sea, 
     or one would rather stay. 

Least understood is he who holds
     the paint brush over canvas;   
where thoughts and ideas into ideals 
     converge and hold fast.  ~

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