Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Communion with Nature - Seven Ways

Dr Abe V Rotor
Sunken Pier, Puerto, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur 
Behold! a jellyfish as looking glass
unfolds a third world scene:
half terrestrial, half aquatic,
solid and liquid in between,
third matter in colloidal form -
strange the world is ever seen. 

Baby sitting: Fluppy, angora rabbit at home 

Here is seeing the world in dreams;
half awake, half asleep,
on two planes -  fantasy and reality,
rather than counting sheep,
unload life's burden at the end of day
with a heaven sent li'l rabbit.
Tamboili shells, former St. Paul Museum

I'm standing on the narrowest isthmus,
among archives and fossils of history,
and hold the Pacific and the Atlantic
oceans half the world apart and free; 
I cross the time and distance barrier
with these chroniclers singing to me
the unending roars of the tides,
tides on the street, tides of the sea.  

Rare walking stick insects, Museum of Natural History, UPLB Laguna

Dragons in fairy tales and religious fictions -
they are fierce, enemies of mankind;
in fossils and movies they scare the children;
little do we think friendly and kind,
devouring pests, singing lullaby in dull air;
misjudged, they are rare to find.

Baby orangutan, Avilon Zoo, San Mateo, Rizal

Monkey on my back, that's what people say
when what we say logic we lack;
genes may vary, yet the same to this day,
indeed, a monkey on our back.

Viewing telescope, Mall of Asia, Pasay Metro Manila

Creatures, 'cept man, are getting fewer, farther apart;
the old game now the art of glass and steel;
where you can't get near, you can't touch and feel,
technology comes to fill, yet empty still. 

Parakeets,  Safari World, Thailand

Lovely, friendly -  kindest words ever be,
whereas their kin are wild and free;
lucky in man's judgment these pair may be -
if only we understand their plea
for freedom to the wild, to their ancestry
and away from the artificial tree.   

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