Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ten Ways Our World Ends

Research assignment: Discuss each items as presented here in reversed order.   
Dr Abe V Rotor
Based on the lecture of Stephen Petranek
TED Talks

 Big Bang in acrylic by the author

10. We lose the will to survive
Remember Never Ending Story? Duel between the boy hero and the devil wolf.  

9. Aliens invade the Earth 
Fiction yesterday, fact today. Do you believe in other beings outside our own planet?

8. The collapse of the ecosystems
So with the biomes (grouping of similar or related ecosystems, e.g. Rainforest) as a result of shrinking wildlife.

7. Particle Accelerator mishap
Similar, if not worse, than nuclear reactor meltdown. Unleashing sub-atomic particles capable of igniting chain reaction. 

6. Biocide disaster 
Biological agents in warfare causing pandemic to humans, animals and crops. 

5. Reversal of the Earth's magnetic field.
Earth's magnetic field acts like a shield to protect Earth from damaging solar particles. The Sun releases a flow of charged particles into space that can affect life on Earth. Reversal has global impact to our communication systems network.  

4. Giant solar flares
Tongues of fire arising from the sun's surface exacerbates global warming and El Nino phenomenon.   

3. New Global Epidemic
H1N1, Ebola, HIV-AIDS, virulent flu virus top the pathogenic epidemic diseases, obesity, cell radiation, fatal stress are the recent global causes of death. 
2. We meet a rogue Black Hole
Theoretical physicists reveals the presence of blackholes in our galaxy, giant whirlpools that swallow up stars within its radius - including our sun and its solar system. 

1. Collision with an Asteroid
Scientists coined impact technology as a new science in dealing with meteors and asteroids that fall to earth.  One impact caused the extinction of dinosaurs some 25 million years ago. 

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