Monday, March 30, 2015

Global Warming in Painting, Fiction and Mythology

 Dr A V Rotor
 Fiery Cyclone in the Sky 

It is a storm but its eye is not of calm,
sultry but neither coy nor kind;
seeking a home of its own to settle down,
like the monster of Frankenstein. 

Man-made Forest Fire (AVR 2015)

Prometheus defied of his gift of fire to man
by man himself unrelenting in greed,
adoring Midas and other gods on Zeus side;
  Hercules in our midst is what we need.

Note: In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the supreme god Zeus and gave it to man for the betterment of his life. As punishment, he was bound in an island and tortured by a flesh-eating eagle. He was later rescued by Hercules.   

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