Thursday, February 5, 2015

Natural is Beautiful

Dr Abe V Rotor

There are two roads to beauty: the cosmetic way and the natural way. More and more people are realizing the high cost of beauty the cosmetic way; the highest prize being slow death. It is because many cosmetics contain toxic ingredients.

Here is a short list.

1. One of the hair straightening ingredients is
 formaldehyde, a carcinogen.

2. Shampoos and conditioners contain
 sulfates and preservatives like parabens, both potential hormone disrupters.

3. Eye shadow contents may include
 mercury, a neurotoxin, coal tar, a carcinogen, and 1,4-dioxane, which is linked to cancer.

4. Moisturizers may also contain
 parabens, while sunscreens contain oxybenzene, a hormone disrupter.

5. Your favorite lipstick may be contaminated with
 lead, a neurotoxin, as well as BHA, a potential carcinogen.
Simple country folks

6. Skin whiteners and sunburn protectants are among the early cosmetics known to to contain

Natural is beautiful. But if can't help it, why not go for herbal shampoos, activated carbon, virgin coconut oil, Bixa or anatto-based colors? There are do-it-yourself preparations, and stores specializing in organic products that can assist you.

"Give me beauty or give me death." There's no choice really.~

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