Wednesday, February 11, 2015

False Eyes for Defence in the Wild

Dr Abe V Rotor

Multiple false eyes of Nymphalid skipper for defence and offence.
Old folks tell children this creature is an emissary of night spirits
since it is most active at dusk (crepuscular).
 A pair of false eyes on the dorsal face of the wings of Papilio 
butterfly, with red coloration to make it authentic to would-be
 predators. Multiple dots form a imagery of a giant in the wild -
 a defence mechanism for survival,   

                           Owl-like eyes must be scary to predators, specially at night.
 And it is not just one, but a parliament of eyes in the dark. 
Imagine the eyes moving with the slightest movement of this
 skipper, or the things on which it is perched.
(Acknowledgement: Internet)

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