Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poetry: The Young Fisherman

Painting and Verse by Dr Abe V Rotor

Wherever you go your silence draws a crowd,
    The strong or the lame, the shy or the proud;
Each bite, each pull, each step, the children watch;
    For how long matters not. It is the catch.

Your rod a magic wand, focus of your fad;
    Under a spreading tree you are faceless,
And they don’t know if you are happy or sad;
    Whatever, a special guest you are no less.

Lessons you teach, they do not find in school,
    No words, nor chalk, and no talking tall;
Patience, patience, who waits is not a fool,
    Waiting for his fish whether big or small.

Years from now they too, will take over the trade,
    To catch their fish, or set forth free;
Beyond the fishing line, will they be afraid?
    Beyond patience, it’s a great story. ~

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