Monday, June 2, 2014

Ügot ken Atab’ (Low Tide and High Tide): Haiku in Ilocano

Dr. Abe V. Rotor

   Children Playing at Low Tide, in acrylic by AV Rotor

1. Agsinsinnublat,
Agmalmalem, agpatpatnag,
Ugot, atab’.
High and low tides come one after the other all day and night through.

2. Agkalintudo:
Ti nangisit pumuraw,
Puraw ngumisit.
Under continuous rain, black turns into white, and white into black.                                                                                     
3. Natagtagari,
No panagtutudo’t
Waig diay ngato.
It’s noisier upstream in the rainy season.

4. Maisa kaniada,
Pobre agparti’t manok,
Iti masakit.
If a poor man decides to eat his fowl - one of them is sick.

5. Panaginnayat
Diay bassit a kalapaw
Napudno unay.
Love that reigns in a simple home is true.

6. Rupat’ arigna
Uray nakakidemka,
Without looking you know the character of a person the way he talks.

7. Karraragsakan
Mangparagsak dagiti
Malmalday unay.
He who makes sad people happy is the happiest person.

8. Agbiddut ngata,
Ti awan aramidna,
Will one who hasn’t done anything commit error?

9. Awan agpada:
Bul-bulong, bit-bituen,
No two leaves or stars are the same, so with thoughts.

10. Napnuan saririt,
Kabusor, rig-rigat,
One has enough wisdom from trials, sufferings, failures.

11. Lukipem sakbay
Lukatam ti panunot,
Usisaem pay.
Study a thing first before you make your mind.

12. Ad-adut’ matay
Iti lamut ngem bisin.
More die of gluttony than hunger – what a shame.

13. Natalna unay,
Tarampo wenno pilid,
Spinning top and wheel, they work perfectly well when new.

14. Agbilangkanto’t
Sangagasot ket maysa,
Oras panagdua-dua.
Count one hundred and one when you are in doubt.

15. Maturog kadi’t
Karasaen ken buaya?
The wicked does not sleep – beware.

16. Atiddag iti biag
No dakkel iti lapayag.
He who has big ears lives long; he is keen to sound.

17. Sinardengam ti
Dumaldalan nga kuton,
Apo Solomon.
King Solomon halted his army for the ants to pass.

18. Makasulisug,
Makapurar ti puro
Nga balitoc.
Pure gold glitters, it so tempting.

19. Ipaka-ammom
Dagiti ma-anupan’,
Daras maawan.
A rich hunting ground is always kept secret by a hunter.

20. ‘Toy aw-awitek’,
Krus nakadagdagsen,
Ngem pangipanak?
This cross I am carrying, where shall I put it?

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