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Take this IQ Test on Analogies, Similarities, Opposites, and Odd Out Words

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   Words, words, words - they come in analogies, similarities, opposites, odd out. Confusing, tricky, intriguing. They make good testing materials which we often encounter in IQ and other tests. Here are some examples. Answer them in one sitting, in say 10 minutes.

Albert Einstein, world's greatest genius  

You may adopt the patterns and come up with your own set of test materials for your class, research, group dynamics, or simply to spice up informal gatherings.

A. T
here are four terms in analogies. The first is related to the second term in the same way that the third is related to the fourth. Complete each analogy by picking two words from the four in parenthesis.

1. mother is to girl as (man, father, male, boy).
2. wall is to window as (glare, brick, face, eye).
3. island is to water as (without, center, diagonal, perimeter)
4. high is to deep as (sleep, cloud, float, coal)
5. form is to content as (happiness, statue, marble, mold).

B. Similarities. Pick the two words in each line with the most similar meaning.

6. lump. wood, ray, beam
7. collect, remember, concentrate, gather
8. idle, lazy, impeded, indolent
9. divert, arrange, move, amuse
10. antic, bucolic, drunk, rustic
C. Opposites. In each line below pick the two words which are most nearly opposite in meaning.

11. short, length, shorten, extent, extend
12. intense, extensive majority, extreme, diffuse
13. punish, vex, pinch, ignore, pacify
14. reply, tell, relate, disconnect, refute
15. intractable, insensate, tract, obedient, disorderly 

D. Odd Out. Pick the two words which have commonality, from the rest in the group.

16. knife, razor, scissors, needle, lance
17. bravery, disgust, faith, energy, fear
18. prosody, geology, philosophy, physiology, physics
19. glue, sieve, pickaxe, screw, string
20. receptionist, draftsman, psychiatrist, blacksmith

1. father, boy
2. face, eye
3. center, perimeter
4. cloud, coal (one is found high above the earth, the other deep within it)
5. statue, marble (these are examples of form and content)
6. ray, beam
7. collect, gather
8. lazy, indolent
9. divert, amuse
10. bucolic, rustic
11. shorten, extend
12. intense, diffuse
13. vex, pacify
14. relate, disconnect
15. intractable, obedient
16. needle, lance (the others have sharp edges)
17. disgust, fear (emotions; the others are virtues)
18. prosody, philosophy (aspects of literary culture; the others are sciences)
19. sieve, pickaxe (these separate things; the others fix them together)
20. receptionist, psychiatrist (main work is dealing with people; the others deal with things)

Acknowledgment: How intelligent are you? by V Serebriakoff

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