Monday, June 9, 2014

Postmodern Art: Leaning Cradle

Dr Abe V Rotor
                                                        Author and the Leaning Cradle at downtown Bangkok. 

I wonder at the huge size of  this wooden cradle leaning to the front and on one side;

I wonder at the absence of  the whole siding facing the street, and leaning towards  traffic; 

I wonder at the absence of flooring, for how could it be a cradle without it - the essence of its function;

I wonder at the frail support, half rocking sideways, while the other half is fixed like post, and immovable;

I wonder at how this cradle defies gravity, without a central mass to rest on the center of gravity;

I wonder at its precarious structure, its joints loosely hanging on wooden pegs and few simple bolts;

I wonder at its symbolism - the end of an era of child bearing and caring, the traditional and domestic way;

I wonder at the impermanence of the cradle outside of the home - and if the child ever grew to know the meaning of home; 

I wonder if the baby weaned in this cradle ever grew into a normal child - and into a normal human being;  
I wonder if society can read the message of this postmodern structure in our postmodern world; 

I wonder if the cradle is meant to that of a culture or civilization breaking up, losing its identity and integrity.

I wonder if postmodernism means living in the future in free fall, losing most the things we love in life. ~      

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