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Jesus T Tanchanco Remembered

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NFA homecoming 2012 turned out to be JT's adieu.  Author and wife present book, Living with Folk Wisdom, to former Administrator Jesus T Tanchanco. Both worked under JT, first administrator of then National Grains Authority, one of the first agencies created when President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972.  It was during JT's term that the Philippines became a net exporter of rice.  

Among the projects JT initiated was the Farmers' Museum housed at the NFA Regional Office building in Cabanatuan.  The museum focused the role of farmers as the "backbone of the nation." In the photo are the author left, and Dr Romualdo M Del Rosario (in barong) of the National Museum who assisted in the setting up of the museum. A set of seven dioramas depicting the rice industry was the centerpiece. The museum declined in post-Marcos era until it was finally phased out.   

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