Sunday, March 9, 2014

Armageddon Ticking: Defaced Earth from the Air

Dr Abe V Rotor
School project: Write the appropriate caption of each of these 13 photos. Make a Pictorial Essay from these photos. Next time you travel on air, take the seat by the window and photograph Mother Nature from the air. These photos were taken with a palm-size ordinary digital camera set on its maximum ISO. 
Armageddon Ticking

Armageddon in human hands released,
piece by piece ticking with the clock;
innocence denied, sanity defied
to the final shock.

Time capsules all into infinity:
pleasure and pain, evil and goodness -
all that is on planet earth,
into emptiness.

It's Sodom revived, so with the Flood
and Vesuvius a thousand times;
and in war none but the innocent
is the price.

And the god in man and man in God
in futile struggle comes to end
the earth shall be no longer,
so with a heaven.

Fabled paradise shall be no more,
lost and regained, and finally gone;
then a new world shall rise - perhaps
without man. ~

Here is a series of aerial photographs taken on my travel to Roxas City from Manila and back on August 3 to 5, 2011, showing the different ways and stages on how the Earth is being defaced by man's activities. 
  1. Expanding settlements 
  2. Rise of urban centers 
  3. Coastal runoff and siltation
  4. Water pollution
  5. Marginal communities 
  6. Vanishing shorelines
  7. Pirated rivers
  8. Clogged waterways
  9. Super infrastructures
  10. Deforestation
  11. Desertification 
  12. Siltation
  13. Illegal constructions
  14. Heavy industrialization
  15. Eroded hills and mountains
  16. Submerged islands
  17. Reclaimed coastlines and coral reefs
  18. Garbage dump and incineration
  19. Inversion layer and smog
  20. Changing geography 

Photos were taken by the author on an airplane, Manila-Iloilo, with Sony Cybershot, and edited with Adobe Photoshop program.

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