Thursday, August 22, 2013

Decorative baskets from leaflets

Decorative baskets from leaflets
Dr Abe V Rotor

Don't refuse those colorful leaflets at the mall.  Gather them instead.  Have a second round.  Tell the kind fellow you need more for your friends.  And  neighbors.  Put a smile to show your (good) intentions.

Now you have a bagful of colorful leaflets - housing, food, appliance, fashion, party, promo of many kinds.  Get them all.  The giver will just be too happy.  You are his potential customer.

Of course you are.  Who knows someday you will patronize any of those advertised products and services?  Or someone in the family or in the office will be curious about it. 

You see, you are a great help in getting rid of litters.  You make something useful before it is thrown into the garbage.  You turn garbage to beauty.  You give life to a short-lived leaflet. That’s more than recycling.  You make a table alive, a corner filled, a shelf attractive. You make something functional for pencils, laces, ribbons, hankies, in fact you can use it as flower base other than just a receptacle. 

You make children curious.  They want to know how you do it?  You are now a mentor, a teacher.  You are now an environmentalist.  An artist, not only for art sake, but to make this world a better place to live in. ~

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