Sunday, June 10, 2012

Senile Mango Trees

Abe V Rotor

Century plus mango trees, San Luis, Batangas, 1985

Twice the lifetime of man, three generations span,
these pioneer  trees grew sans plan,
but providence - until the emergence of modern man,
cleared forests to farmland to urban.

And soon their genes decline, and they'll be gone,
and new varieties are up to come:
dwarf and tame, their fruits in golden, red to tan,
engineered by the genius of man.    

Nature needs no genius, as long as there's the sun,
the elements, not even a Green Thumb;
for millions and millions of years in that great span
she has managed well without man.  

Goodbye to these old sentinels as they are known,
dying gradually season after season,
dying with Mother Earth in waste and greedy boon,
prelude to man's following soon. ~

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